Vol. 11, No. 8 – Jan 17 – Jan 30, 2018 – Harbor Patrol Blotter


10:57am, received a dispatch to a water rescue near 1600 Anchors Way Drive. Officers were on patrol and responded from near the breakwall. After a brief search, officers discovered a Standup paddler swimming his board towards the Marina Park dock. The paddler refused assistance.

10:48pm, received a dispatch to a fall victim at the Ventura Marina Community. Officers responded and assisted Ventura Fire/AMR with an 88 year old male who was transported to local hospital for moderate injuries.


4:00pm, received a dispatch to a person bleeding at Harbor Cove beach. Officers responded and found a 37 year old male who hit his head on the steering column. He sustained large lacerations on his forehead, was treated and transported to the lot where AMR transported him to local hospital.

11:00pm, while on patrol, officers issued warnings for several violations to a fisherman hoop netting for lobster in the harbor entrance.


7:45pm, while on patrol officers discovered an inflatable with 3 POB’s. Their voyage was terminated for no PFD’s and no navigation lights.


11:50am, received a dispatch to a traffic accident, vehicle into a hydrant. Officers responded and assisted Oxnard fire/AMR with the patient who was transported to local hospital for further evaluation. The water had to be turned off by Ventura city and the vehicle was towed.

11:55pm, received a dispatch to an unconscious person at the Comedy Club in the village. Officers responded and found an intoxicated/upset female. The female’s boyfriend was contacted and he arranged to have her picked up.


10:20am, received a report of a hazard to navigation approximately 1 mile offshore from a NOAA vessel. Officers responded and retrieved a metal 55 gallon trash can from the water.


11:23am, observed a commercial fishing vessel entering the Harbor at an excessive amount of speed. Officers responded and issued a warning for the violation to the captain of the vessel Prince Victorio.
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