Erosion and ash control product applied to burn areas

The Public Works Department has hired Galion Erosion Control to spray EarthGuard onto residences and other areas burned by the Thomas Fire. The application is a public service to help keep hazardous material from getting into the storm drains by keeping it in place and preventing it from going onto other properties, as well as preventing the material from becoming airborne.

The product will not impact sifting of personal materials and will not affect the ability to seed properties. EarthGuard is a non-hazardous, non-toxic product and will not cause any issues with the watershed or the replanting or re-growing of plants. It is used on construction projects throughout the nation for dust control. The product is mixed with fiber and is green in color in order to show where it has been applied. The application of EarthGuard began on December 12 in the homes where hazardous material burned.

The spraying began in the Clearpoint neighborhood and will proceed to Ondulando east, Ondulando west, Skyline, Hidden Valley and continue west. Other areas to be applied with EarthGuard include water facilities and parks citywide that were impacted by the Thomas Fire. The spraying of EarthGuard is slated for the next few weeks.

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