Vol. 11, No. 5 – Dec 6 – Dec 19, 2017 – Harbor Patrol Blotter


4:25pm, received a report of a water rescue near the Ventura Pier from State Parks. Officers responded and were advised in route that the victim, a kite surfer had made his way to shore.


12:20pm, received a report of a hazard to navigation near the Launch Ramp. Officers responded and discovered a large “boat dipper” obstructing traffic near the launch ramp. Officers secured the object to the L/R and found the owner who is responsible for its proper disposal. It was later removed.


6:06am, while searching for but not locating a disabled boat in the mid harbor, officers discovered a hazard to navigation, a large log and removed it.

9:48am, received a report of a disabled PWC near the #2 entrance buoy. Officers responded, safely towed the vessel back to the launch ramp.

10:40am, U.S. coast guard in the office, investigating a fuel spill.

1:00pm, received a report of a Grey Whale at the Harbor entrance. Officers responded and attempted to locate the mammal. It was later reported to have been sighted heading out of the Harbor and towards the shipping lanes.

6:17pm, received a report of a fuel spill near VIM D-dock. Officers responded and found a light sheen. They were unable to locate the source.


7:05am, while on patrol, officers observed the smell of diesel near VHV H&I docks. After an investigation they were unable to locate the source.

10:25am, received a dispatch to a fire alarm at Holiday Inn express. Officers responded, but it turned out to be a false alarm.

1:45pm, officers observing heavy fog, reporting observations to NWS.


8:30am, received a dispatch to a commercial fire alarm at 4points Sheraton. Officers responded and discovered the call was a false alarm that was set off by burning toast in a toaster oven. No damage or injuries were sustained.

11:35am, received a request for a tow from the operator of a disabled vessel. Officers responded, towed then released the vessel to the launch ramp.

11:46pm, received a dispatch to an overdose at 1583 Spinnaker Drive. Officers responded and assisted VFD/AMR with a 50 year old male. He was treated and transported to local hospital for further evaluation.


8:45am, received a report of a dock breaking loose in the keys. Officers responded and were able to move an electric boat and to secure the dock to prevent any property damage. The owner was notified and was working on getting a contractor to repair the dock and gangway.

5:00pm, while on patrol officers observed a vehicle blocking the entrance to Marina Mobile Community. The SUV was broke-down, officers assisted the owner by pushing the vehicle out of the entrance.

10:39pm, received a report of a female screaming on a boat in VWM and the vessel left the area. Officers responded with VPD and found the vessel in the mid harbor area. It was discovered that the young female was suffering from severe depression while her father was attempting to help her. He left the area as not to disturb his neighbors. The female was transported to local hospital.

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