Ventura Audubon Society December field trips and the Christmas bird count

December 2, 2017 8:00 a.m.
Work Day Hedrick Ranch Nature Area.
Leader: Sandy Hedrick (805) 340-0478.
Arrive at 8:00 for self-guided birding which usually yields some interesting birds. Work from 9am – noon. Long pants and boots or closed shoes are required. Bring water, gloves & sun protection.

December 9, 2017. 8:30
Camp Bartlett (Santa Paula) Private Property
Leaders: Karen Laing (907) 351-5176 and Adele Fergusson (805) 415-4304
This is a hike near Sisar Canyon. We will walk through an old oak forest and then hike up into the hills where there is active oil pumping. Birds that we could see include acorn woodpeckers, Hermit thrush and Steller’s jay.

December 17, 2017
Christmas Bird Count
Leader: Frank DeMartino
This is the 118th annual Christmas Bird Count conducted by National Audubon. The CBC is the longest running citizen science effort on record. We are looking for additional birders to improve our count over last year when we recorded 175 species and more than 19,000 individual birds. Please email Frank DeMartino at ([email protected]) if you would like to participate.

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