Information and education at CAPS Media

Students from Pacific High School on CAPS set.

Pacific High School students are getting involved at the CAPS Media Center by producing a series for their AIM program exploring Ancestry, Immigration and Memories. CAPS Media staff will provide the training and support for the Pacific teams of six conducting interviews with family members. The CAPS Media component provides the students with a hands-on introduction into the world of multimedia, a vital skill in today’s world. The Pacific project, along with the award winning CAPS Media/ECTV program with El Camino High School students, demonstrates CAPS Media’s commitment to engage and support Ventura’s students.

Representative districting is moving quickly in Ventura and every resident is encouraged to get involved in the determination of the district mapping for the city council representatives. Go to www.CityofVentura.CA.Gov/districtelections to get meeting information for December as the process moves forward culminating in early January.

Season three of the city’s Mayor for a Moment program features exceptional fifth graders who are selected by the faculty of elementary schools throughout the city. Each month a young mayor is introduced at a city council meeting by a CAPS Media produced video followed by the student banging the gavel and presenting an original essay.

Ventura’s Spotlight on Local Business recognition program is in full swing with CAPS Media producing informative videos on unique and interesting businesses in the area. The series exposes new businesses and their importance in the community to Ventura. In addition, CAPS Media continues to create videos and supporting media materials for vital services and agencies including Ventura police and fire. All these programs can be found on channel 15 or on the CAPS website.

The Ventura Police Department shares the city crime statistics and offers helpful hints to stay safe every day on KPPQ-LP at 104.1fm. KPPQ is a great place to share your non-profit’s story and events. Support your local community by volunteering. Learn engineering and radio production. The final radio training class of 2017 will be held Wednesday November 29th. Call or email us at [email protected] for all the information.

CAPS Radio, KPPQ 104.1 FM and CAPS Television (Channel 6 & 15) are streaming worldwide. Now everyone in and outside of Ventura can enjoy the diversified programming on CAPS Media on cable, on the radio airwaves and streaming on the web. Go to

CAPS Media’s mission is to create an engaged and informed community through participation in electronic media. Our goals are to Engage, Educate and Inform. Informational and instructional classes are conducted every month with orientation on the first Thursday, HD videography/camera instruction on the 2nd Thursday, Final Cut postproduction editing classes on the 3rd Thursday, and CAPS Radio (KPPQ, FM 104.1) on the 4th week, all at 6pm at the CAPS Media Center. CAPS Media Member/Producers receive hands-on instruction in videography, video editing, radio production and more. Once trained member/producers may check out CAPS Media’s video cameras and other production equipment and book postproduction editing suites to craft the program they want to share. Details of training and signups are at

Anyone who lives, works or attends school in the city of Ventura may become a Member/Producer. Annual membership fees are only $25 for an individual and $75 for a non-profit organization. CAPS Radio DJs require an additional annual fee of $50. For complete information go to

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