Re-Birth – Ventura Artists Union Membership Show until Nov.12

Re-Birth – Ventura Artists Union Membership Show marks the first official collaboration between Art City and the Ventura Artists Union. Showing until Nov.12.

Re-Birth features a refined collection of artworks by new and old Ventura Artists Union members. The organization’s 20-year history brings many seasoned artist to this exhibition, and new members infuse the collection with a wide variety of styles and materials. Paul Lindhard started Art City Studios 30 years ago in Ventura as a personal carving space. It has since grown to include 20 other artists and a place for carvers to purchase quality stone from those who work it.

Ventura Artists Union | [email protected]|

Art City Gallery | [email protected]|

Art City Gallery, 197 Dubbers St

Hours: Weds -Sun 10am-5pm

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