Arline Tepper donates special sculpture to Ribbons of Life Breast Cancer Foundation

Ribbon’s for Life Breast Cancer Foundation Vice President Sylvia Rosolek, founder President Lisa Barreto and artist Arline Tepper. Inset is Miki (Mikiko) Nupuf, inspiration for the sculpture.

On Saturday, August 26th Arline Tepper donated a very special sculpture to the Ribbons of Life Breast Cancer Foundation. The name of the sculpture is L’Chaim (to Life) Mikiko. It was made to honor a very dear friend who fought breast cancer. Mikiko (Miki) fought breast cancer for 12 years. She died in 2013 at the age of 44. Her mother, in Japan, died shortly after of the same disease. Her courage, strength, and beauty inspired Arline to sculpt this piece. It is dedicated to her, and to all women who have had breast cancer – the victors and the losers.

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