Tips on helping elders and kids stay cool

Family Caregiver Resource Center- Catholic Charities
by Connie De La Rosa

During the fall season, hot windy weather can be miserable for Elders, or children. Many people use this season to get the common air conditioning problems resolved to help them stay cool, but sometimes you may want to take a few extra steps to keep things chilled.

Here are a few tips on how you can help your elder or child stay cool:

  1. Have your loved one remain on the first floor if living in a two story home.
  1. Eat lightly, avoid caffeine, alcohol and drink plenty of fluids
  2. Leave a hand held fan, battery operated fan in case air conditioner goes out during an outage or there is no air conditioner in the home. If your air conditioner is not working as it should, you can contact ac repair Gilbert AZ to get it back up and running again.
  1. If your elderly loved one is able to independently leave the house during the hottest part of the day, ask them to visit a library, go to the grocery store, or anywhere that is air conditioned which will save them money on their electric bill and do things they normally do or like doing. For children, taking them to the library, movies or beach making it fun and staying cool at the same time.

Do you need support, have questions regarding care for your elderly loved one or are you a grandparent raising grandchildren who live with you? We can help at no cost to you, resources/referrals and more. Call 420-9608.

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