Vol. 10, No. 23 – Aug 16 – Aug 29, 2017 – Harbor Patrol Blotter


10:27am:a medical at marina mobile home park. Officers responded and assisted a female complaining of difficulty breathing with medics from AMR / Ventura FD. She was transported to local hospital.

5:22pm: a traumatic injury at the new Jetty at South Beach. Officers responded and assisted Ventura Fire/State Parks/AMR with placing the victim who suffered an injury in the surf onto a backboard. The patient was eventually transported to local hospital for further evaluation.


11:10am: disabled personal watercraft in the surf near lifeguard headquarters. Officers responded in the fireboat, towed the vessel back to the launch ramp and de-water the craft. The operator was uninjured.

2:35pm: a tow from a recreational vessel having fuel issues 3 miles offshore. Officers responded, escorted the vessel for a mile, then took it en tow back to the launch ramp where it was released.

6:35pm: a pump out of a motor vessel taking on water and unable to keep up with the water coming in. Officers responded in the fireboat, dewatered about 12 inches of water from the bilge. After a short search, officers located the source, engine through hulls. The hulls were secured and the owner placed an auto sump pump on the vessel.


2:40pm: water rescue at South Beach. Officers responded and assisted State Parks with two victims caught in a rip current. The lg’s and the victims were pulled from the water and taken to Harbor Cove.

5:20pm, received a report of a person in the water near the launch ramp. Officers responded, located the victim who self-rescued by climbing onto L/R.


10:45am: a trawler taking on water a few miles SW of the Harbor from U.S. coastguard. Officers responded and located the trawler, the captain had mitigated the issue and they were no longer taking on water.

12:27pm, received a report from State Parks that 3 PWC operators were having difficulty getting back on the vessels. Officers responded and assisted the operators return to the launch ramp.


10:45pm: a fuel sheen near VHV I dock. Officers responded and found a small sheen in the area reported. The area was searched but officers were unable to locate the source of the sheen.


2:00pm: a possibly dangerous containers in the marina mobile home park. Officers responded and found the canisters to be benign.
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