4H youth affected by Tetrasomy 18p brings market goat to auction

Her summer memories will include her exciting day at the Ventura County Fair. Photo by Amanda Peacock

Amelia Gallardo is a special child. She has a rare chromosome 18 abnormality known as Tetrasomy 18p, born with 47 chromosomes instead of 46, which is the typical number. The 14 year old, about to enter Moorpark High School, raised a market goat with Somis 4H for the Ventura County Fair.

Her summer memories will include her exciting day at the Ventura County Fair Junior Livestock Auction, where her market goat brought in $31,000 dollars at auction. The money raised is all earmarked for the Chromosome A Team Registry and Research Society where it will be used for research into this rare chromosome 18 abnormality that affects families worldwide.

The auction buyers, a consortium of community members and local businesses, bid on the goat in a show of support for Amelia and to help her raise awareness for the rare chromosome 18 abnormality.

“I’m proud of Amelia for her accomplishments, and I am thankful to the people who have chipped in to help support the research that will lead to better lives for people affected by Tetrasomy 18p,” said Amelia’s mother, Stacey Gallardo.

People who are affected by Tetrasomy 18p experience neurological changes, seizures, MRI changes, eyes and vision, ear infections, hearing, palatal abnormalities, heart irregularities, gastrointestinal changes, orthopedic changes, allergies and immunology, growth and bone issues.

Barbara Quaid, Ventura County Fair CEO said “The Ventura County Fair is a place where anything is possible! We are proud of Amelia, and the Somis 4H and we are happy to be in a position to bring awareness to this affliction and the research that will bring relief to those afflicted and their families.”

To donate and for more information about Tetrasomy 18P visit https://www.chromosome18.org.

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