Solo exhibition by artist Jane Peterson at NAMBA Arts Space

Dab Art is pleased to present Circumstantial Evidence, a solo exhibition by artist Jane Peterson at NAMBA Arts Space in Downtown Ventura( 47 S Oak St ) with an opening reception on Saturday July 15 6 – 9pm.

In this body of work, Peterson continues to explore the spectrum of human emotion, adopting a “forensic” approach to her subject matter. Each piece contains the elements of a story; objects in context with an environment. Clues are there in terms of shape, smell, and texture.

Peterson aims to create a new form of realism where narrative truth is found in the simple relationships of objects. Her deceivingly simple imagery and textual juxtapositions convey the temporal coexistence of these objects in both the real and the imagined world.

Jane Peterson earned her M.F.A. from the University of Iowa, and has shown extensively in galleries in New York City, as well as Northern and Southern California. She works from her studio located at H Gallery + Studios in Midtown Ventura.

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