Biotech summer experience

Four students learning the basics of Biotech are Gwen Armstrong, Akaysha Brunker, Mia Rodriques, and Nikolai MollmannFrom. John Daly a volunteer student from CSUCI is instructing them. Photo by Bernie Goldstein

From June 26 through June 29th Ventura College hosted selected Buena High School students for the Amgen Foundation’s “Biotech Summer Experience” workshop.

The Amgen Biotech Experience is an innovative four-day science education program that provides research-grade equipment, supplies, curriculum, and professional development to middle and high schools. The program features a hands-on molecular biology curriculum designed to introduce students to the excitement of scientific discovery. Ventura College Vice President of Business Services David Keebler said, “Ventura College is proud to participate and host this enriching Biotech Summer Experience for our community’s high school students.”

After submitting applications, 24 Buena High students were chosen to participate in the workshop which will took place in the Applied Science Center at Ventura College. Participating students learned the practice skills used in advanced biotechnology laboratories, including working with DNA and bacteria.

Ventura College Biology Instructor, Jennifer Garner facilitated the program providing the local high school students with campus tours during the students’ time on the college campus. Ventura College offers an Associate of Science degree and a Certificate of Achievement in Biotechnology. The Biotechnology Program is designed to prepare students for employment in a variety of industries that increasingly use biotechnology techniques. These industries include pharmaceutical discovery and manufacturing companies such as Amgen, as well as, agricultural technology, and food safety and processing.

For more information on the Amgen Biotech Summer Experience and Biotechnology programs at Ventura College contact Jennifer Garner, at 289-6530 or [email protected].

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