Vol. 10, No. 19 – June 21 – July 4, 2017 – Harbor Patrol Blotter


1:05pm, received a report of a sealion who stranded itself in the Ventura West Parking lot had died. Officers working with Channel Islands Marine Wildlife Institute removed the mammal and disposed of it properly.

4:03pm, received a report from State Parks lifeguards advising that a small sailboat has capsized near the South Jetty of the Harbor. Officers responded and discovered the racing sailboat in no distress in the same area.


9:10am, received a report of pigeons onboard a vessel in the timeshare marina. Officers responded and discovered two young pigeons making quite a mess in the vessel. Bird rescue personnel we advised of the situation.


8:10am, officers en route in the Fireboat to assist / monitor the Hokolua outrigger canoe club with their annual race.

2:29pm, received a report of a stolen vehicle near Spinnaker Drive / Harbor Village. Officers responded and assisted a 65 year old female locate her vehicle that she had forgot where she had parked it.

4:08pm, received a dispatch to a cardiac arrest on the beach near Harbor Cove. Officers responded and assisted State Parks, Ventura Fire, Lifeline with the medical. The 56 year old patient was complaining of nausea and chest pain. He was eventually transported to local hospital for further evaluation.

4:58pm, received a dispatch to a water rescue at Marina Park, three persons caught in a rip current. Officers responded by boat and assisted State Parks, Ventura Fire & PD, AMR with the three victims. The disposition of the victims was unknown, but they were assessed for water aspiration.

8:06pm, received a report of a vessel taking on water. Officers responded and discovered a large fishing vessel with all of its gear on deck and a lot of water in its holds. No emergency was found, just laying low in the water.


10:41am, received a report of a vessel collision near Ventura Isle Marina. Officers responded and found a 24ft motor vessel had collided with a few moored vessels. No injuries were sustained, but moderate damage was sustained to the moored vessels. The incident is under investigation.

7:10pm, received a report of a person in the water, over-turned kayak from a tenant of the Ventura Yacht club. Officers responded, and found the kayakers near Ventura West marina, but they refused assistance.


4:35pm, received a dispatch to an unknown medical at the Holiday Inn express. Officers responded by vehicle and assisted Ventura Fire, AMR with a patient suffering from late stage cancer.

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