Vol. 10, No. 18 – June 7 – June 20, 2017 – Harbor Patrol Blotter



8:55am, received a report of a boating accident near Ventura West Marina.  Officers responded and investigated the incident of a vessel colliding with a trimaran vessel moored at an end tie of Ventura Isle Marina.       
5-25 2:45pm, officers observed the U.S. coast guard cutter “George Cobb,” a buoy tender, cleaning and painting the “V2” navigation buoy off the Harbor.           


11:40am, received a report of an injured pelican at the Ventura Yacht Club.  Officers responded, captured the injured bird and contacted CI Marine Wildlife Institute volunteer to assist and pick up the bird for treatment.                







8:20am, received a report of a dog fight at Ventura Harbor Village from Dockmaster. Officers responded, found the owner with his dog on a leash, and issued a warning for dog off the leash, which was the original report.  The injured dog and owner were not located; left the scene before officers arrived.   

11:55pm, received a “Mayday” call on VHF 16 from a commercial fishing vessel.  The captain was confused and believed he was in Santa Monica Bay.  Officers responded in the fireboat and discovered the 36ft vessel aground upcoast of the Santa Clara Rivermouth.  Unable to tow the vessel because it was literally on the beach, officers returned and re-responded in the truck to assist.  The captain did not cooperate and officers were unable to ascertain what had happened.  He was eventually transported to local hospital and the vessel was towed off the beach the following day.  The matter is still under investigation by U.S. coast guard.    





2:17pm, received a report of a 90ft fishing seiner taking on water.  Officers responded to VHV docks and found the vessel low in the water.  The crew was aboard and had mitigated the problem: a faulty bilge pump and were dewatering the vessel when officers arrived.

10:30pm, officers observed TowBoat US salvage the fishing vessel that went aground late Friday night near the Santa Clara Rivermouth.        




6:15am,  received order from the commander-in-chief to lower flags to half-mast in honor of those who have served our country.

7:27pm, received a dispatch to an unknown medical at the intersection of Spinnaker / Harbor.  Officers responded and discovered a local female transient intoxicated no medical.    


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