How did the Spirit of Japan evolve?

Marilyn Hefferen will assist and co-teach with Kaon Isaki.

The Spirit of Japan weekend takes place June 16,17 & 18 at Yoga Jones, Ventura when international yoga teacher, Kaon Isaki from Tokyo, Japan visits California.

Marilyn Hefferen, a Hatha yoga teacher at Yoga Jones will assist and co-teach.

How did Kaon Isaki find her way to beautiful Ventura and how did the Spirit of Japan evolve?

Kaon and Marilyn met this past March during the Shakti Initiation Yoga Teacher Training that took place in the foothills of Mount Batakaru in Bali, Indonesia. During this 24 day training, set deep in a jungle environment each new day was greeted by meditating on jungle leaves five feet in size, birds singing mantras and moving to the rhythm of our spirit, breath and body to the sounds of roosters crowing, insects chirping at sunrise. If this sounds like something that interests you, then visit to find out a bit more about yoga teacher training.

Here they explored new ways to breathe through the prana vayus or flow of breath and created hand gestures known as mudras in yoga. Awareness to the importance of daily rituals became an important practice of creating self-care and self-awareness. Facial cleansing introduced by Kaon with attention to rhythm, touch and meditation became one of our honored rites of self-care.

Kaon’s technique with tuning forks, which are a holistic method of healing that calms the nervous system and raises your inner vibration opening energy pathways within the brain, were used to deepen their experience in Restorative yoga. As a group they practiced and studied yoga asanas, which evolved into yoga dance as an exploration of opening the meridians within the body and honoring the heart center as the source of truth and freedom. Spirit of Japan is the result of both Kaon’s years of teaching experience and new directions from training in this program, Shakti Initiation of yoga and self-expression. This weekend is a unique creation from the blended experience they had in Bali and Kaon’s Japanese influences.

See page 3 in this edition of the Breeze, for Spirit of Japan sessions and pricing.

Yoga Jones, 108 S Oak Street, Ventura, 643-5669,

Register online, over the phone or stop by Yoga Jones: 9-10 am or 5-7pm Monday thru Friday. Register before June 14 to guarantee a special lunch.

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