Master Falconer Paulie Corry uses falcons and hawks as non-lethal nesting deterrents

Harris hawks demonstration at Aera Energy Ventura location. (PRNewsfoto/Aera Energy)

Local onshore oil producer Aera Energy is taking a hint from Mother Nature to discourage birds from building nests on idle equipment during pipeline integrity testing. The company contracted with licensed Master Falconer Paulie Corry to use a variety of falcons and hawks as non-lethal deterrents for birds frequenting the area. This unique approach uses nature to encourage birds to nest away from operational equipment. The environmentally-friendly approach keeps birds safe and avoids impacts on the company’s operations.

The use of a Master Falconer to deter birds from nesting in oilfield equipment is not new to Aera. Corry and his feathered friends helped Aera during pipeline facility inspection and maintenance work back in 2012

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