Vol. 10, No. 14 – April 12 – April 25, 2017 – Police Reports

by Cindy Summers

Police reports are provided to us by the Ventura Police Department and are not the opinions of the Ventura Breeze. All suspects mentioned are assumed to be innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Human Trafficking, Loaded Firearm Arrests

On March 25, at 5:30am the Ventura Police Department Command Center received a call from the National Human Trafficking Center hotline re a female juvenile who indicated she just fled from a potential human trafficking situation and was hiding in the area of Victoria Ave and Valentine Rd.

Patrol officers were immediately dispatched to the area and located the 17-year-old victim who was then transported to the station.

The victim told officers she has been in the company of three adult males Brian Kattrel Lewis, 21 years, Fresno resident, Dashawn Marquese Jackson, 18 years, Fresno resident and Dameon Rasheed Howard, 20 years, Fresno for the last three days and that she was forced to commit acts of prostitution in San Diego County until they arrived in Ventura early this morning and ended up in a room at the La Quinta Inn on Valentine Rd.

The victim was told she was not free to leave and was threatened with physical harm if she did not comply. The victim provided descriptions of the suspects, their vehicle, and a possible room where they were staying.

Street Crimes Unit and Major Crimes Detectives were called in as well as members of the Ventura County Human Trafficking Enforcement Team.

The Major Crimes Detectives and Human Trafficking Enforcement Team interviewed the victim, coordinated medical care, and safe housing while Street Crimes Unit Detectives responded to the La Quinta and located the suspects’ vehicle. They also observed three males matching the suspects’ description enter a room. The detectives kept the vehicle and room under surveillance while patrol units stood by in the area.

At approximately 10:30 am the suspects exited the room and left in their vehicle at which time the patrol officers enacted a high-risk enforcement stop due to the information received that one of the suspects may be armed with a handgun.

All three suspects were detained and later identified by the victim as the ones who had kept her captive. A loaded handgun was located during the search of the suspects’ vehicle. The suspects were arrested and transported to VPD for interrogation and their vehicle was impounded.

Street Crimes Unit Detectives then made contact with two adult females in the suspects’ room. Ricki Carrillo, 21 years, and Rashelle Tatum, 19 years both Fresno residents denied any involvement in criminal activity.

Not able to establish their involvement in the human trafficking crimes at this time they were interviewed and released at the scene.

The three male suspects, Brian Lewis, Dashawn Jackson, and Dameon Howard, were interrogated and later transported the Ventura County Main Jail where they were booked on felony Human Trafficking and Conspiracy charges. Brian Lewis was additionally charged with carrying a loaded firearm in a vehicle, a felony.

If you know of anyone who may be a victim of human trafficking please contact the National Human Trafficking Center hotline at 888-373-7888.

Prowling, Attempted Theft, Resisting Arrest

On March 25, at 9:49pm the Ventura Police Department’s Command Center received a call from an alarm company reporting an alarm at Taft Electric, 1694 Eastman Ave., with a subject seen on surveillance camera prowling on the property. Officers arrived on scene and set up a perimeter around the business.

While officers were searching the property the suspect, later identified as Michael Rivera, 52 years, Vagrant was seen in a rear storage yard. When he saw the officers, Rivera fled further into the storage yard to where several company vehicles and other heavy equipment were stored. This gave Rivera access to heavy piping and metal objects. Officers lost sight of him, but it was believed he had found a place to hide.

Due to the close proximity of possible weapons and Rivera’s refusal to surrender when announcements were made by officers to reveal himself, a Ventura Police K-9 was called to the scene to help in the search. The Ventura County Sheriff’s Helicopter also responded to assist in the search.

After several minutes of searching, the K-9 located Rivera hiding up in the frame of a dump truck, which was not visible to the helicopter.

Rivera was taken into custody after receiving a minor dog bite to his foot. After he was medically cleared at VCMC, Rivera was booked in the Ventura County Jail for prowling, attempted theft and resisting arrest.

Negligent Discharge of a Firearm

On March 29, at approximately 12pm, the Ventura Police Department Command Center received a 911 call of possible shots being fired inside a residence in the first block of North Santa Cruz Street. Officers arrived on scene and located the residence in question, and made verbal contact with 43 year old Ventura resident Brandon Frazier, who came outside and cooperated with the investigation.

During the investigation officers determined that Frazier was alone inside the residence and fired two rounds from a gun. Both of the rounds were located inside, and were contained inside the residence.

At the conclusion of the investigation, Frazier was arrested for Negligent discharging of a firearm. He was booked at the Ventura County Jail.

No one was injured as a result of the incident.

ROS Warrant, Felon in Possession of a Firearm, Felon in Possession of Ammo, Resisting Arrest, Battery to a Police Officer

On March 31, at 7:30pm, a Ventura Police Patrol Officer located the vehicle 34 year old Ventura resident Nathan Stevens drove during a pursuit from police on March 26. The vehicle was parked in an underground parking garage of a local motel. Stevens had an active warrant for violation of his PROS probation terms and was currently out on bail out of Santa Barbara for additional charges.

During the investigation, officers located the room Stevens was in. When officers attempted to make contact, Stevens crawled outside on the ledge of the 3rd floor balcony and made his way to the room next door and entered that room. No one was inside of the motel room at the time. Officers forced entry into both rooms. Stevens stayed on the balcony, threatening to jump, for about an hour until he was taken into custody.

While taking Stevens into custody, he battered one of the arresting officers, causing minor injuries. That officer was treated at the scene and returned to work. During a search of the motel room, two loaded short barreled shotguns along with a large amount of shotgun ammunition were located.

Stevens was transported to the Ventura County Medical Center for minor injuries he sustained, then transported to the Ventura County Jail and booked for the above mentioned charges.

Vehicle Pursuit and Arrest

On March 31, at approximately 11:24pm, a patrol officer was patrolling the parking lot of the Telephone Road Plaza in the 4700 block of Telephone Rd. when he observed a parked motorcycle. Standing next to the motorcycle was the owner, later identified as the suspect 46 year old Oak View resident Robert Miller. While speaking to Miller, the officer learned that Miller’s license was suspended. He told the officer he was not driving the motorcycle.

At approximately 11:59pm, the same officer observed Miller driving the motorcycle near the intersection of Main St. and Telephone Rd., and attempted to make a traffic stop on him for the license violation. Miller failed to yield and a pursuit was initiated.

Miller continued on Telephone Rd., and then went southbound on Victoria Ave. before entering the southbound 101 freeway. Before entering the freeway, Miller was traveling at speeds between 45 to 60 mph and ran a red light. As he entered the freeway, he accelerated to approximately 100 mph. Miller exited the freeway at Johnson Dr., and continued northbound on Johnson Dr. at speeds of 60 mph to Ralston St. At the intersection of Ralston St. and Ramelli Ave., Miller lost control of his motorcycle and crashed. He attempted to flee on foot, but was taken into custody.

Miller was arrested and transported to VCMC for treatment of injuries he sustained from the accident. Once he was medically cleared, Miller was booked into the Ventura County Jail for felony evading arrest, resisting arrest, possession of a dangerous weapon, and possession of a controlled substance.

No one else was injured as a result of the pursuit.

Felony Resisting, Violation of a Court Order and Warrant Arrest

On April 2, at approximately 3pm, the Ventura Police Department Command Center received a call from a parent reported that their son, later identified as 32 year old Ventura resident Andrew Ortiz, was illegally inside their residence and attempting to light a fire inside the kitchen. It was also reported that Ortiz had warrants for his arrest.

Officers responded to the residence and located Ortiz inside. As he was being escorted out of the residence, Ortiz punched one of the officers in the face. After a brief struggle, Ortiz was taken into custody without further incident.

Ortiz was transported to Ventura County Medical Center for treatment of minor injuries he sustained during the arrest. When he was medically cleared, Ortiz was booked into the Ventura County Jail for felony resisting arrest, violation of a court order and warrants.

The officer who was punched receiving a minor injury.

Felony Resisting, Felon in Possession of a Firearm and Ammunition, Battery on a Police Officer, Under the influence with a Firearm, Possession of Stolen Property, PROS Violation and Felony Warrants.

On April 3, at approximately 7:15am, the Ventura Police Department Command Center received a call from a resident in the 2500 block of Waxwing Ave., reporting a vehicle blocking the driveway of their residence. It was also reported there was a subject in the vehicle, later identified as 33 year old Santa Paula resident Nick Wilson, who was suspicious and acting as if he was possibly under the influence of drugs.

Officers responded to the location and found Wilson passed out and sitting in the driver’s seat of the vehicle. When the officers woke him up, Wilson immediately tried to start the vehicle and leave. Fearing that he was under the influence and not wanting him to drive, officers attempted to stop him. Wilson refused to get out of the vehicle and started to violently resist officers’ attempts to remove him. Wilson began punching the officers, hitting two of them, and when Wilson began reaching for the area of the center console and glovebox, officers deployed their tasers. This allowed officers enough control to remove him from the vehicle. Once out of the vehicle, Wilson continued fighting with officers. After a continued struggle, officers were able to take Wilson into custody.

During a search of his vehicle, two loaded handguns were found in the glovebox. Also, the vehicle he was in had stolen license plates.

Wilson was transported to VCMC for a medical clearance for minor injuries he sustained during the arrest. After he was medically cleared, Wilson was booked into the Ventura County Jail for Felony Resisting, Felon in Possession of a Firearm and Ammunition, Battery on a Police Officer, Under the influence of a Controlled Substance with a Firearm, Possession of Stolen Property, PROS Violation and Felony Warrants for Felony Resisting Arrest and Weapons Violations.

One officer received minor injuries during the altercation.

Stolen Vehicle, Hit and Run Arrest

On April 3, at 11:40pm, officers were hailed at the Jack in the Box located at 2115 South Victoria Ave. referencing a vehicle that had just been stolen. The victim reported he had left his keys in the ignition of his vehicle and went into the restaurant to get food. The suspect, later identified as 31 year old Eric Manzano, got into the unattended vehicle and drove away westbound on Walker St toward the Ventura Police station. Manzano was travelling at a high rate of speed and was unable to make the turn at Walker St and Dowell Drive. Manzano’s vehicle left the roadway, and crashed through a perimeter fence at the police station. The vehicle came to rest when it struck a parked patrol car in the police department parking lot. Manzano fled from the vehicle and jumped a fence bordering the 101 freeway. Manzano ran across the 101 northbound lanes of traffic where an unsuspecting motorist struck Manzano in the fast lane. Manzano was transported by ambulance to the Ventura county medical center for treatment of a broken leg. While at the hospital he was placed under arrest for vehicle theft, and hit and run. Anyone hit by a car while walking or victim of a hit and run may want to seek help from a personal injury lawyer.

The California highway patrol shut down the 101 northbound lanes of traffic just north of Victoria Ave. for approximately 20 min while the suspect was medically treated and removed from the roadway.

The Ventura police department wants to remind everyone to lock your vehicles and never leave your car keys in your vehicle while unattended.

Officers later found out Medrano was currently on parole for assault with a deadly weapon and released from the Ventura county jail approximately 3 hours prior to stealing the victim’s vehicle, after serving several days in jail on a parole hold.

No officers were injured during the incident.

Car Jacking and Robbery

On April 4, at 7:30pm the Ventura Police Command Center received a 911 call reference a carjacking in progress at the Ventura bus depot. Victim #1 had just exited a bus and was walking to her friend’s car that was there to pick her up. The suspect, 33 year old Los Angeles resident Priscella Navarro, followed victim #1 from the bus. When victim #1 arrived at the passenger side of the vehicle, Navarro entered the vehicle and attempted to force the driver, victim #2, out of the vehicle. Victim #1 attempted to pull Navarro off of victim #2 as they fought for control of the vehicle. Navarro was able to get the vehicle into gear and pressed down on the accelerator. Victim #2 struggled for control of the vehicle while being battered by Navarro. Victim #2 was able to stop the vehicle, after it travelled a short distance and turned off the engine.

Victim #2 then exited the vehicle and attempted to run away. Navarro grabbed victim #2’s purse and continued to batter her until officers arrived on scene and took Navarro into custody.

Both victims were medically treated for minor injuries at the scene by medical personnel.

Navarro was found to be on active felony probation and was released from the San Luis Obispo county jail on April 2 after being arrested for driving while under the influence. Navarro was later booked into the Ventura County Jail for carjacking and robbery.

Hit and Run, DUI and Felony Vandalism Arrest

On April 6, at 1:30am, Ventura Police patrol officers responded to a call of a hit and run in the 1300 block of Santa Clara Street. The involved vehicle was left at the scene and the driver had fled on foot from the collision.

As officers were responding to the hit and run, an additional call came in regarding a possible residential burglary in progress in the 100 block of Chrisman Avenue. Additional officers were sent to the residential burglary. As they arrived on Chrisman Avenue, they found the suspect on the front porch of a house. He was breaking out windows and beating on the door of the house causing damage. The suspect was detained by officers. Their investigation revealed the person they had detained was also the registered owner of the vehicle left at the scene of the hit and run on Santa Clara Street.

Officers investigating the hit and run were able to identify 65 year old Ventura resident Paul Gray as the driver of the vehicle. At the conclusion of the investigations, he was arrested for hit and run and DUI related to the collision investigation and the additional charge of felony vandalism was added related to the investigation at the house on Chrisman Avenue. He was medically cleared at Ventura County Medical Center for minor injuries he received during the commission of the crimes and later booked at Ventura County Jail. No one else was injured during these incidents.

Felony Resisting, Battery on a Police Officer, Vehicle Tampering and Warrant Arrest

On April 7, at approximately 7:30pm, the Ventura Police Department Command Center received a call from a citizen who reported a suspicious male who was looking into vehicles and had opened the door to a vehicle that did not belong to him.

Officers responded to the area and located the suspect, 41 year old Bakersfield resident Andrew Hodges. The officers learned that Hodges had an active arrest warrant out of Bakersfield, and as they tried to place him under arrest Hodges violently resisted and began fighting with the officers. After a brief struggle, Hodges was taken into custody and while they were trying to secure his legs to prevent him from kicking, he kicked an officer in the head.

Hodges was transported to Ventura County Medical Center for treatment of minor injuries he sustained during the arrest. When he was medically cleared, he was booked into the Ventura County Jail for felony resisting arrest, battery on a Police Officer, vehicle tampering and the warrant out of Bakersfield.

The officer who was kicked received a minor injury.

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