Vol. 10, No. 14 – April 12 – April 25, 2017 – Harbor Patrol Blotter

3-10 2:51pm, while on patrol received a dispatch to a water rescue at the Ventura Pier.  Officers responded and assisted Ventura Fire and State parks with a victim who was found clinging onto a pier pilling.  The victim was pulled from the pier and the water and safely returned to the beach via a paddleboard.

8:12pm, received a dispatch to a boat fire at Ventura Harbor Marina.  Officers responded and found a extinguished electrical fire on a sailboat.  The owner received help from neighbors in his marina with fire extinguishers.  The incident was investigated by the Ventura Fire Department.

3-11 3:50pm, received a report of a sailboat disabled outside the harbor on marine radio.  Officers responded, took a 20ft sailboat en tow back to their slip.
3-12 6:12pm, received a report of a disabled 24ft searay with 5 persons on board near the Harbor entrance.  Officers advised the vessel to drop anchor and responded.  When officers arrived, the vessel was in shallow water and taken en tow to safer water.  The vessel was safely released at the launch ramp.         
3-13 8:50am, officers contacted a power boat at the launch ramp that was secured without permission.  Officers contacted the owner and discovered they were lost in the fog last night but were able to find the launch ramp so they secured to wait out the fog.  Permission was granted to stay until the fog cleared.
3-16 12:43pm, received a report of a disabled 22ft Boston Whaler in the keys.  Officers responded and assisted the vessel, towing it to the launch ramp.

1:17am, received a dispatch to a brush fire at Harbor and Olivas drive.  Officers responded but were cancelled en route by Ventura Fire, out of response area.

3-17 8:00pm, received a request to escort a few of the fishing trawlers returning to the Harbor, due to the dense fog.  Officers responded and escorted the vessels back into the harbor and around the Manson dredge in the main channel.
3-18 6:40pm, received a dispatch to a medical emergency: diabetic aboard a fishing vessel docked in the harborOfficers responded and assisted a 54 year old deckhand complaining of low blood sugar.  Ventura fire and AMR took over assessment and determined the patient actually had signs of a stroke.  He was transported to local hospital for further evaluation.
3-19 7:15pm, received a dispatch to a traumatic injury at Spinnaker and Harbor .  Officers responded and assisted Ventura Fire, AMR, Ventura PD with a local transient female laying in the street.  She was treated and transported to local hospital for further evaluation and detoxication.


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