Diane Elizabeth Huntington Loring has left Ventura (and America)

“Just not sure if I can afford to buy this house?”

by Diane Loring

Related to one of the Signers of the Declaration of Independence, Samuel Huntington and in protest of the recent election of a president not being qualified or fit to be representative of what the Declaration stood for, Diane Elizabeth Huntington Loring has left America.   Samuel Huntington was Diane’s uncle four generations removed and son of Nathaniel Huntington her great grandfather five generations removed.

When revisiting the Declaration of Independence it strikes me how most charges made against King George III (whom I share a common ancestor with both of us descendants of our great grandfather line of Edmund Tudor), seem to be in direct correlation to many of the charges currently being made by, including myself against Donald Trump.

It is fascinating on many levels to read the Declaration of Independence and realize what has not changed in America after two hundred and forty years, specifically no mention of women and what is afforded them as equal citizens.  It seems instead America has come full circle by electing the very representation of what they loathed and were originally leaving, King George III ruler of Great Britain, Ireland and the Thirteen Colonies.

While women were not mentioned in the original Declaration of Independence, they have had the opportunity for over ten years holding absolute power and percentage of the vote to right the Declaration of Independence and their unstated inequality once and for all.  They have unequivocally rebuked that opportunity twice in ten years, electing a President who again, if you read carefully in the Declaration, sounds much like the reasons two hundred and forty years ago the Signers of the Declaration of Independence vilified King George III.

I have spent most of my life fighting the good fight for women and equal rights for all.  My forefathers have been fighting from the beginning as well as my foremothers.  My father, uncle and grandfather fought in World War II.  My step-grandfather was shot down over Germany, captured by Hitler, spent years in a prisoner of war camp and was ultimately awarded a Purple Heart.  These were good, honorable, ethical men who also had a high regard for the women in my family and I believe would be mortified by America’s choice of president.   All the while they were gone, women held down the home front, working outside the home, while raising children.

At this point I believe America is in a very sad state and downward spiral of cyclic dysfunction and either women need to exercise the power they hold for epic change or quit the fight altogether and be content with their status.  I have chosen to return to my ancestral home of London, England and truly feel that I am home safe where lives her Royal Majesty, my relative and Queen.

Best of luck to America. God Save the Queen.


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