Vol. 10, No. 10 – February 15 – February 28, 2017 – Harbor Patrol Blotter

1-19 1:43pm, received a report of a sick sea lion near Surfers Knoll.  Officers assisted CIMWI with capturing the sea lion.  It was transported to mammal research center in Santa Monica for further evaluation.   

11:50pm, observed a sailboat attempting to leave the harbor.  Due to the hazardous conditions and a gale warning in effect, officers contacted the captain of the sailboat and convinced him to terminate his voyage.  

1-20 9:47pm, received a report of a strong diesel smell around the Harbor Village.  Officers responded and were unable to find a spill or smell.  They believed the odor may be associated with the torrent/polluted flowing Santa Clara River.          
1-21 1:42pm, observed large amounts of erosion at the Ventura Rivermouth.  Officers were moving spectators from the area because large amounts of the berm were collapsing into the rushing Santa Clara river.

4:20pm, officers made contact with the captain of a small ski boat attempting to navigate through the entrance.  They convinced the captain to terminate his voyage due to the extremely large surf and dangerous conditions.             

1-22 7:20am, received a report that a large crew boat was inbound.  Officers advised of the hazardous conditions and monitored the 104ft vessel safely enter the harbor.
1-24 7:20am, officers surveying massive erosion to the Santa Clara Rivermouth berm.

9:00am, received a report of a vessel broke loose at time share docks.  Officers responded and assisted employees re-secure the vessel to its berth.



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