Apply now for Measure O Citizens’ Oversight Committee

“We need to make sure that the City Council is spending this money wisely”

Residents of the city of Ventura are encouraged to apply for volunteer positions on the Measure O Citizens’ Oversight Committee. The Committee’s responsibilities include review of the projected revenues and recommended expenditures for the funds generated by Measure O and to make recommendations to the City Council as part of the City’s budget process.  After a review of the independent audit, the Committee shall provide findings to the City Council.

The seven members of the Committee are restricted to residents and registered voters of the city of Ventura at the time of their appointment and during their term of office.  Members may not be an elected official or employee of the City of Ventura, or a dependent of either an elected official or employee.

The terms of members first appointed to the committee shall be staggered. Four members will serve a 1-year term and three members will serve 3-year terms. Succeeding members shall be appointed for terms of 4 years.  Committee members will be required to file a Statement of Economic Interests (Form 700) disclosing all reportable interests held at the time of appointment, and are required to attend ethics training every two years.

Ventura voters approved Measure O—a half-cent sales tax increase for 25-years—in November 2016. This new local funding mechanism is estimated to generate $10.8 million a year.

The new sales tax rate is effective beginning on April 1, 2017 (essential purchases like groceries and medicine are exempt). Voters approved the sales tax measure with strict accountability requirements–annual independent financial audits, a Citizens’ Oversight Committee to ensure all funds are properly spent and public review of expenditures.

Applications are available online at or from the City Clerk’s Office, Ventura City Hall, 501 Poli Street, Room 204. The application deadline is 5:00 p.m. on Friday, February 24, 2017, and may be submitted by e-mail to [email protected], by fax to the City Clerk’s Office at  641-1046, by mail to the City Clerk’s Office P.O. Box 99, Ventura, CA 93002, or hand-delivered to the City Clerk’s Office at City Hall.

For more information call the City Clerk’s Office at  658-4787.

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