Ventura City firefighters respond to boat fire

On Jan.31, at 1:45am, Ventura City firefighters responded to a report of a boat fire in the Ventura Harbor. Upon arrival responding crews found a 50 foot commercial fishing boat 6 feet off the ground in dry-dock fully involved in. Fire suppression efforts initially concentrated on protecting an adjacent building and boat from the flames. The boat was a complete loss.

Three additional small fires were discovered in the same boat yard at varying intervals throughout the firefighting operations: A fire involving a propane tank of a fork lift, a debris fire in a workshop area and a smoldering rag on the stern of another boat in dry-dock.  An additional fire involving a vehicle occurred in the 1300 block of Spinnaker Dr. just prior to the aforementioned fires. All the fires are suspicious in nature and are suspected to be connected.

The cause of the fires remains under investigation by both Ventura Police and Fire Arson investigators.

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