Vol. 10, No. 9 – February 1 – February 14, 2017 – Harbor Patrol Blotter

1-06 2:15pm, received a report of a boating accident in Ventura West marina.  After a brief investigation it was determined that no damage was sustained in the minor collision that occurred.  All parties were satisfied.


1-07 2:45pm, while on patrol, officers observed a vehicle blocking the roadway on spinnaker drive near angler court.  An elderly individual was lost; officers assisted the person with their destination.


        1-09 9:36am, received a report of an individual pepper spraying someone in the restrooms near 1559 Spinnaker drive.  A few Port District employees inadvertently entered the restroom and were overcome by the effects of the pepper spray.  Ventura PD and Fire were summoned and a brief investigation ensued.  No injuries were sustained and the incident is under investigation.


1-14     12:47pm, received a distress call from a vessel in the harbor near Ventura West marina.  Officers responded and found a 52 foot sailboat safely anchored and no longer in distress.  Tow Boat-US assisted the vessel.

2:22pm, received a dispatch to a medical.  Officers responded and assisted Ventura fire and AMR with a 71 year old female complaining of various conditions.  She was eventually transported to local hospital.

9:30pm, received a report of a transient male complaining of stomach pain near the fuel pier in the village.  Officers responded and repeatedly offered assistance to an elderly male hunched over and moaning.  The male refused help, said he would seek help in the morning.


1-15     12:15pm, officers assisted the Greek restaurant with their Greek Orthodox blessing ceremony in the South Basin of the harbor by lifeguarding the swimmers attempting to capture the cross in the water.

7:05pm, received a request to secure to the Districts longdock from the captain of a disabled 41ft sailboat en route to Long beach.  Towboat U.S. towed the vessel from the shipping lanes and to the dock.  The vessel was hauled out the next day by the boatyard.


1-16     4:02pm, during shift change, received a dispatch to a water rescue at Harbor Cove beach.  Officers responded by land and by sea to search for the distressed swimmer.  After searching the area of Harbor Cove to the Santa Clara river mouth, officers determined the rescue was actually at Marina Park on the North-side of the harbor.  The R/P, a fisherman on the North jetty was unsure where he was while reporting the incident.  The victims were caught in a rip current and eventually swam ashore.  Harbor patrol is still in possession of the paddles and the kayak, still searching for the owner.



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