Public comment solicited for crane replacement project on Anacapa Island

Should the Anacapa crane be replaced? Photo by Doug Mangum.

The National Park Service (NPS) is seeking public input on a project to replace the existing crane on Anacapa Island within Channel Islands National Park.

The existing crane was determined to be structurally unsafe, as a result of prolonged exposure to the harsh marine conditions on the island. It has been out of service for several years.

The project proposes to remove the, historic, stiff leg derrick crane and its concrete foundation and replace it with a two–crane system and a new foundation. One crane would be located on the upper landing, adjacent to the historic derrick building, and a second, smaller crane would be located on a lower landing. The project is expected to begin in late summer 2018.

A newsletter that provides an overview of the planning and compliance process, explains the proposed action, and provides information on how to submit public comment. It is available at

The public is invited to provide input on the scope of the project, environmental issues and impacts, alternatives, or other concerns. The comment period is open through Feb. 24, 2017. Comments may be submitted online, at, or mailed to the following address:

Channel Islands National Park
1901 Spinnaker Drive
Ventura, CA 93001
Attn: Anacapa Crane Replacement Project

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