New Regional Coordinator for School on Wheels

Angie Allmendinger has joined the team.

by Sinead Chilton-Marketing Director  School on Wheels, Inc.

School on Wheels is happy to announce that after a long search we have a new Regional Coordinator for Ventura County.  Angie Allmendinger has joined the team and will be working from our Resource Center in Ventura.  Before joining School on Wheels Angie earned her M.A. in American Studies in Germany and taught High School English is rural Japan.

School on Wheels is always looking for volunteers who want to make a positive difference in the life of a homeless student.  Please visit for more information about how to apply to become a volunteer tutor and join their amazing Ventura Volunteers Team!

We are looking for volunteers as the list of homeless children that need our help is growing.  We are predicting that the number of families and children experiencing homelessness will increase significantly this year due to the lack of affordable housing, shelters closing and new government policies.

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