Museum of Ventura County celebrates grand reopening

On Sunday, Jan. 8 the grand reopening of the Museum of Ventura County was held under sunny beautiful skies. While hundreds waited to enter they were welcomed by interim Executive Director Elena Brokaw, county Supervisor Steve Bennett and Susan Van Abel, Chair Board of Directors while being entertained by The Barrelhouse Wailers. Julie Tumamait offered a Chumash blessing, many Chumash artifacts are on display.

At the opening Ventura County  Supervisor Steve Bennett stated “This museum is a county jewel it is the custodian of this region’s rich and diverse history and the interpreter of its stories. I have been here for many of its groundbreaking exhibits and seen the power of storytelling first hand. The Vietnam exhibit last year brought veterans and families together in a powerful and important way.”

Elena Brokaw welcomed all with “We are honored that you are all here today, and excited to share with you the changes at the Museum of Ventura County – your museum, telling your stories. We have worked hard over the last four months to create a space that is immersive and engaging, and provides lots of different exhibit and interactive opportunities for all ages. This is our gift to you, and without further ado, let’s go in!”

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