Vol. 10, No. 7 – January 4 – January 17, 2017 – Harbor Patrol Blotter

    12-18 11:30am, received a report of a boating accident that occurred last night at Ventura Isle Marina.  The responsible party was eventually found and the incident is under investigation.   
12-19 12:20pm, received a report of a vessel trapped under the fish offloading pier.  Officers responded and assisted the vessel freeing itself from under the pier.

7:05pm, while on patrol in the vehicle, officers observed a deer running east bound down the middle of Spinnaker Drive.      

12-20 5:53pm, received a report of a homeless person in the middle of Spinnaker Drive.  Officers responded and found local female transient having a seizure.  AMR and Fire were contacted and responded.  The female was eventually transported to local hospital for further evaluation.        
12-21 8:55pm, observing strong East winds and rain.  One East wind gust was observed at 35 knots.    
12-22 12:00pm, received a report of a medical in a vehicle on Spinnaker Drive.  Officers responded and the patient was transported to local hospital.

7:00pm, observing significant flooding on Navigator and inundating the Holiday Inn express parking lot, flooding vehicles parked there.

8:11pm, received a dispatch to a water rescue/vehicle entrapment with 3 persons inside on Navigator Drive.  Officers responded and assisted Ventura Fire extricate the three persons from the vehicle.  A tow truck responded and towed the truck from the flood.  No injuries were sustained from the incident.  Ventura PD closed Navigator Drive due to the flooding.

8:58pm, received a report of a 60ft fishing vessel taking on water approximately 6 miles West of the harbor.  Officers responded in the fireboat along with U.S. coast guard to assist the fishermen.  The vessel was escorted safely back to the harbor.  An excessive amount of diesel fuel was discovered in the bilge of the vessel, so an investigation into the incident was on going.

12-24 7:23pm, officers observed Santa Claus fly over the Port District building. No arrests were made.


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