Local program receives $10,000 donation to enhance watershed education program

The funding will help the program extend its reach and continue its mission .

Once Upon a Watershed, an Ojai-based education program providing hands-on watershed education, restoration and stewardship experience to 4-6 grade students in Ventura County received their second installment of a $30,000 commitment from Aera Energy, an oil exploration and production company located on Ventura’s Westside. The funding, provided over three years will help the program extend its reach and continue its mission which is to teach students about the importance of protecting the watershed and help them understand their responsibility in protecting the whole earth system.

“Our program provides educational information about our environment to the younger generation who may not understand their individual impact on the world around them,” said David White, project coordinator. “This partnership with Aera provides us important funding to grow and expand our program which ultimately helps us reach more students on this important subject.”

“Aera’s commitment to protecting the environment is one of our core values and we have the utmost respect for the environmental resources here in Ventura,” explains Michele Newell, Aera spokesperson. “We are proud to partner with Once Upon a Watershed and support this valuable program that teaches the youth of the area about the importance of caring for their environment.”

For more information about Once Upon a Watershed go to www.onceuponawatershed.org

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