Vol. 10, No. 4 – November 23 – December 6, 2016 – Harbor Patrol Blotter

10-29 11:00am, received a report of a fuel spill near VHV H-dock.  Officers responded, found a significant spill and thoroughly searched the area.  A possible source was located, mitigated and the spill is under investigation.

7:15pm, received a report of an unconscious person in the restrooms at 1500 Spinnaker Drive.  Officers responded and assisted a local female transient.  She was transported to local hospital for further evaluation.       

10-30 9:15am, officers observed significant debris flowing from the baranca and inundating the patrol dock and vessels. This was due to the rain event last night               
10-31 9:56am, officers received a lost dog and determined the owner was from the yacht club.  The dog was given to a neighbor until the owner returned.

4:13pm, received a report of 2 kayakers capsized and in the water.  Officers responded and assisted the kayakers who were capsized by a wave and picked up their belongings that were mostly on the beach.  The victims were uninjured and on a paddling trip from British Columbia.                   

11-1 6:25pm, received a report of an ill person on a sailboat in need of evacuation near the Ventura Pier.  Officers responded and towed the vessel back to the harbor and released the persons and the boat at the launch ramp.

8:25pm, received a report of an unconscious person in a vehicle.  Officers responded and assisted AMR, Ventura Fire with the patient.  He was transported via AMR to local hospital for further evaluation.                    

11-3 1:15am, observed a large sailboat secure to District’s longdock.  Officers contacted the captain and ascertained they were in the wrong harbor.  He thought they were in Channel Islands Harbor.                         
11-4 9:45am, observed a 32ft motor vessel that has been anchored near the Ventura Pier for a few weeks was dragging anchor due to large waves.  Officers responded with City fire and State Lifeguards to save the vessel from going aground, but the vessel went aground before officers could attempt a rescue.

5:31pm, received a dispatch to a fall victim at 1300 block of Spinnaker Drive.  Officers responded and discovered a local female transient refusing medical attention for a fall.         

11-6 1:30pm, due to the very large surf, officers spent the afternoon contacting kayaks, PWC’s and small boats and advising of the dangerous conditions.

5:50pm, received dispatch to a fall victim at the marina mobile home park.  Officers responded, assisted a male who fell out of his chair injuring his hand.   

11-8 8:45am, received dispatch to a traffic accident on Northbound Harbor.  Officers responded and assisted victims and found only a minor injury.  The responsible party fled the scene, but was apprehended nearby by Ventura PD.


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