Ventura College rally following Nov. 8 election results

Students expressed concern for the well-being of individuals targeted by large political campaigns.

by Andres Tovar-Ventura College

Students gathered the evening after the November 8th election to discuss the future of this great nation. Under the hot sun and heavy air that filled the end of a grueling campaign season, many expressed concern for the well-being of individuals targeted by large political campaigns and stressed the importance of safety in these coming times. Students in all, came together not for protest of any individual entity particularly, but to promote a much needed unity amongst the young and old of our community. Many felt the nation was more divided than ever and in these times where too many emotions run deep, a unity of our citizens regardless of political belief is our greatest duty.

Instructors of Ventura College gave insight on what the next most logical step should be, and in conjunction with the students, offered a message of peace and love and hope. The older individuals that attended this rally then offered further insight into the coming future, expressing sympathies for those who feel threatened and provided wisdom with their experience with similar times in their lives. Many individuals spoke to the crowd of having dealt with rougher times; being persecuted and often abandoned by the system meant to protect and assist them. In their all knowledge and wisdom gained within the borders of time and space here in our home, it was told again the greatest thing a people can do in the hardest of times is unite not against another, but for the sake of itself that it may flourish to be the voice of a generation.

These words do not ring hollow, as they to pass through the voices of the students of Ventura College, giving hope that times may come with difficulty, but be meet with a solidarity bounded by conviction.

A message from staff dictated that the students that participated in their first election not become disheartened with the political process, in regard to the overwhelming division driven by the political environment of the past year. As in most areas of politics, there has always been a divergence in belief between the young and old, rich and poor, and rural and urban; but a common ground for many was the right to have their voice be heard in ballot. This ability to be heard has been fought for and has held to be a foundation of the American way. The rally ended with a plea from voices of all types to hold onto their rights and use them to their fullest extent.

This election is both something seen before and something all too new to know what is to come. In absence of any certainty, the students of Ventura College can only express the need for unity in these most truly turbulent times, as a house divided against itself cannot stand.

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