Dab Art presents Collective Dissent: Rethinking Rationality at H Gallery

art-h-gallery2Dab Art is pleased to present Collective Dissent: Rethinking Rationality at H Gallery (1793 E. Main). The idea of abstract painting and mixed media is to create objects without reference to the world outside, or as a strictly vestigial image or form. The artists in this exhibition have each pursued abstractions, sculpture and photography with unique and individual character within the realms of mixed media modernism. This exhibition aims to show these works in sympathetic relationships to each other, in spaces with ideal light and proportions. The installations and pieces exhibited in Collective Dissent represent a new visual language based on assemblages of the unbounded world, rejecting mediocrity and redefining high art. Art idealism is confronted and explored through the works of three principled and distinguished artists. Opening Reception |Saturday, December 10,  7-10pm

Glenn Carter stands as one of the most inventive artists ever exhibited by Dab Art. His approach to making art using conventional materials and everyday objects has eviscerated the distinctions between medium and genre, abstraction and representation, while creating an enduring change in the relationship between artist, image, and viewer.

Artists on exhibit: Glenn Carter + Michelle Robinson + Yari Ostovany


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