Vol. 9, No. 24 – August 31 – September 13, 2016 – Harbor Patrol Blotter

 8-8 4:30pm, received a report of a disabled vessel with 3 POB’s near Harbor cove beach.  Officers responded and towed an inflatable dinghy and released at VIM
8-9 12:00pm, received a report of a diesel spill near VWM B-dock.  Officers responded, searched the area but were unable to locate the source of the sheen.
8-10 9:20am, received a report of a disabled vessel near the launch ramp.  Officers were on patrol and responded.  They towed the vessel to the fuel dock.
8-11 12-4pm, officers issued multiple warnings to Stand-up paddlers throughout the harbor for no PFD’s (personal floatation device).  It is state law to have a PFD on board any vessel in the harbor.
8-12 10:12pm, while on patrol, officers issued several warnings to different groups on the beach near Surfers Knoll for bon fires.  All subjects cooperated and extinguished their fires and left the beach.

12:26pm, received a request from Ventura PD with assisting an intoxicated individual find his vessel.  Eventually it was determined that the individual was on a large fishing seiner secured in the Harbor Village.  PD escorted the subject to his vessel and released him.

8-13 12:40pm, received a walk-in report of a residence dock in the keys breaking in half from a excited group of individuals.  Officers responded by boat and assisted with securing the dock until it can be repaired.

5:30pm, received a report of two disabled PWC’s near the South Jetty from State Parks lifeguards.  Officers responded and took a 9 year old boy and father aboard.  The two PWC’s were towed to the launch ramp.




1:10pm, officers observed the Santa Clara rivermouth break open near Surfers Knoll, in the same breach in the berm as the last few months.

7:00pm, received a report of subjects following a vehicle into the Ventura YC.  Officers ascertained that the subjects were playing “Pokémon-go” and were warned for trespassing and released.


8-18   9:43am, received a report of an injured male on the beach near the Santa Clara Rivermouth. Officer’s notified dispatch, responded and transported the patient to Surfers Knoll parking lot where AMR and Ventura fire were on scene and treated the patient who was transported to local hospital for evaluation.

9:39pm, received a dispatch to a fire alarm sounding at the Ventura YC.  Officers responded and were unable to find any smoke or fire and reset alarm.


8-19    12:10am, while on patrol in the vehicle, officer’s observed a car driving suspiciously and erratically on Spinnaker Drive near Harbor Cove.  After a brief investigation, officers determined that the four subjects were playing “Pokémon-go.”


8-20    5:00pm, received a report of a water rescue at Surfers Knoll from State Parks lifeguards.  Officer’s responded and assisted a kayaker with lifeguards.




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