Kids in need can get eyeglasses for free from the Eyeglass Factory

The Eyeglass Factory is  very excited to announce that the “Kids Right to Sight” Program, which has been in existence in Santa Barbara for over twenty years, is now also available in both Ventura and Camarillo.

This means that school-aged kids in need of eyeglasses, that are 18 years old and under, can now get free glasses at all three Eyeglass Factory store locations.

There are thousands of kids which can now be served by this program – and thereby do better in school so as to achieve their full potential.

This is a year-round program whose only requirements are:
1) The child is accompanied by a parent/guardian.
2) The child is 18 years old or under, and has a current eyeglass prescription from any licensed eye doctor; and
3) Assert that there is a financial need for assistance getting eyewear for the child.

Upon satisfying these simple criteria, kids will be fitted with free glasses valued at $169.00

The Eyeglass Factory stores may be called directly for further details at the following locations:
Santa Barbara 965-9000
Ventura 642-2222
Camarillo 987-8600


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