Vol. 9, No. 21 – July 20 – August 2, 2016 – Harbor Patrol Blotter





1:45pm, received a report of two persons in the water in the A-Basin.  Officers responded and assisted two persons back onto their kayaks.

6:34pm, received a report of a sting ray strike from State Parks Lifeguard at Surfers Knoll.  Officers responded, contacted fire dispatch and prepped hot water to treat the injury.  Patient was eventually transported to hospital.



4:15pm, received a dispatch to an unconscious person at 1050 Schooner drive.  Officers responded and assisted Ventura fire and AMR with the patient who was eventually transported to local hospital for further evaluation.





7:20am-3:30pm, observed a 55 gallon barrel with an unknown substance inside.  Officers contacted Ventura fire and eventually the Hazmat team was summoned to help determine what was inside the barrel.  After an investigation the barrel was determined 99% water but to be safe was taken to a hazardous material deposit at the city yard.

1:43pm, received a report of a stingray strike at Surfers Knoll.  Officers responded with hot water to treat the injury.  The patient was transported to their local hospital for further evaluation.










2:30pm, received a report that a fishing vessel was requesting a tow relief and about to enter the harbor.  Officers responded and towed the vessel to its slip in Ventura Harbor Village.

5:05pm, received report of a disabled electric boat near the patrol dock.  Officers responded and towed the vessel to dreamer rentals.

5:50pm, received a report of a fuel spill near VWM D-dock.  Officers responded and found the source of the spill.  The owner of the 52ft vessel was contacted and advised he would mitigate the problem.

7:09pm, received a dispatch to a water rescue at the South jetty.  Officers responded and searched by boat but were unable to locate the victim.  Later, Ventura fire ascertained that the victim had exited the water before our arrival.

10:15pm, received a report of an overdue boater.  After a brief investigation the overdue boaters were safely located.


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