Why wait a year?  Protect your senses!

Once a year a charitable event generously offers a free dental clinic; however, every day there is a child in pain who requires help now!

The Children’s Resource Program (CRP) began 31 years ago with a simple concept – children should not live in pain. The CRP’s primary focus is to provide oral health and vision care services for low-income, underserved, and at-risk children who lack access to health care. At no fault of their own, many of these children are left to fend for themselves without being taught to care for their precious dental health and sight.

These children are referred to the CRP for exams, x-rays, glasses, root canals, endodontics, periodontics, extractions, crowns, fillings, cleanings, and occasionally braces, for medical reasons. These services are donated by oral health and vision care specialists from Ventura County. Cosmetic, general and restorative dentistry are all offered by Dentist Greene so be sure to book yourself in for an appointment if you’re in need of any treatments or just a checkup.

The CRP receives referrals for these services from school districts, the Mexican Consulate, clinics, government agencies, hospitals and non-profit agencies. The CRP receives referrals for children whose dental and vision problems are impeding academic, social, emotional, and physical development. The CRP transports children to cities in Ventura County where services are available, connecting children to over 2,000 services a year and our donors provide over $300,000 in-kind services, annually. Since 1984, children referred to the program have received over $5 million in donated services.

On August 18, at the Lloyd Butler Estate, the Ventura County Medical Resource Foundation at its 23rd Annual David Fainer, MD and Leo Tauber, MD health care event will honor exceptional health care providers who donate their time and talents to help others.

At these awards, we are honoring VCMRF’s 60th anniversary, and our founder, Dr. Leo Tauber’s 100th birthday. This year’s honorees include: Oral Health Specialist Scott Packham, DDS; Vision Care Specialist, Paul J. Dougherty, MD; Hospital Physician Gail Simpson, MD; Community Physician, John Walters, MD; Hospital Nurse, Diana Jaquez, RN; Community Nurse, Rosemary Libman, RN; Behavioral/Mental Health Professional, Deborah Thurber, MD; Allied Health Professional, Camarillo Health Care District, and the Trailblazer Award to, Assisted Home Health & Hospice – Elaine Donley.

For more information contact VCMRF at 641-9800. www.vcmrf.org

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