Heroes to the rescue

Suz Montgomery, Jeff Lambert and Jon Osumi at the Heroes Event.
Suz Montgomery, Jeff Lambert and Jon Osumi at the Heroes Event.

On April 5 Pierpont Racquet Club (PRC)member and Ventura Community Development Director Jeff Lambert was working out at the Club when he suffered a heart attack, fell and broke his ankle in the process

PRC members and staff rushed to the rescue and immediately activated the Emergency Medical System (EMS) located at the Club. Their quick acting and response by paramedics resulted in a successful outcome for Jeff. Still limping but back to work.

On Monday, May 16 the Red Cross of Ventura County presented their 2016 Heroes Event, which honors seemingly ordinary people in our community who have made a difference through their selfless acts of courage. These heroes may have helped save a life, performed an extraordinary act of compassion, or demonstrated an exceptional spirit of giving.

Two Venturans were honored in the Health & Safety Hero category for helping in saving the life of Jeff Lambert. They were club member Suz Montgomery and club employee Jon Osumi. This category honors heroes that have demonstrated extraordinary courage in the field of health and safety. Heroes could be CPR first responders, paramedics, EMT’s, health professionals or just good Samaritans of any age that have gone above and beyond for their community.

The event was held at  Madewest Brewing Co., located at 1744 Donlon Street.

Jon Osumi stated ‘I would like to thank the Red Cross for this honor as I only  did what any human would have done in a similar crisis.  It is a privilege to work for an organization (PRC) that prioritizes safety for our members and provides the employees with the resources and training for this type of emergency.  It was truly a team effort and I am honored to be surrounded by people with character and courage.’

In thanking the Club Jeff Lambert said “As I new member of the PRC, I immediately felt part of the family as this club and its members stepped in to literally save my life.  I know if I was anywhere else, I would likely not be alive.  I now have a chance for a fresh start. To focus on what is important personally and professionally and find a way to ignore the bullsh*t.  I want to spend time with positive people with the best interest of humanity and Ventura at heart.”


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