The Art of Chalk: by Venturean Tracy Lee Stum

For anyone who pays the least bit of attention, chalk art is making a comeback. As an outdoor chalk artist, Venturean Tracy Lee Stum boldly embraces both the perils of precipitation and the casualties of crowds. The impermanence and “delightful and pleasing ephemera” of outdoor chalk art is part of its allure, according to Stum.  She is an internationally renowned, award winning street painter who brings integrity to this ethereal art form. In her recently released book, The Art of Chalk: Techniques & inspiration for creating art with chalk, Stum explores the types, techniques and topography used by some of the world’s most prominent chalk artist. The Art of Chalk is part how-to and part where-to-go. Published by Quarto, Stum’s book explains the chalk painting process, a blow by blow of making your own pastels and a list of national and international street painting festivals for inspiration.

After graduating with a degree in art from Temple University, Stum went on to paint murals in luxury Las Vegas casinos. As an envoy of the U.S. Department of State, Stum also conducts international 3D street-painting workshops as far away as Tajikistan and India.

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