Vol. 9, No. 15 – April 27 – May 10, 2016 – CAPS Chat

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Ventura High School ASSETs students at CAPS Digital Storytelling.

Education and fun
By Elizabeth Rodeno

The El Camino TV (ECTV) crew spent a great afternoon at the robotics competition at Ventura College. Filming on location is great fun and a lot of hard work. After six episodes, they are not resting on their laurels.  The whiteboard is full of great ideas the team has been prepping.  We can’t wait to see what’s next.

CAPS Media Center’s staff is prepping  for our Digital Storytelling summer programs.  Our first program, in conjunction with the Ventura Parks and Recreation Department, is filling up. This course begins July 11 for one week. You can get more information on page 11 of the Parks and Recreation’s Summer program. Our regular summer fare is two weeks of fun in the studio and out in the field, where  students learn everything about filmmaking and making films.  These classes begin the 25th of July and finish up August 5th. CAPS Digital Storytelling  programs have inspired many a student to find their passion in  media making.

There are anniversaries a plenty these days. Among those celebrating a big one, the Ventura County Library system celebrates its 100th Anniversary. Some cake and speeches were given at the Topping room which happens to be named after EP Foster’s first librarian. The storytelling corner was an inviting place for visitors to come and share their stories. We heard about many library memories. The libraries in Ventura County continue to be an integral part of  life. Our EP Foster  is no longer just a bricks and mortar place for books. There is plenty online as well. EP Foster has its own Make Space which is great place to learn about 3D printing and new technology.  There are lots of activities for kids, adults and seniors.

Ventura Rocks @ CAPS just keeps rocking. We are filming our fifth episode. Go to the CAPS Media website and check out our facebook and twitter pages for up to the moment information on what is airing and live streaming. We need your help to fund our radio station to be able to share more bands and their music with you.  Contact CAPS Media for information.   If you have a passion and want to share about music, stories, and opinions radio is  a great place to begin.  Feel comfortable behind a microphone. Learn broadcasting and encourage more voices.  Lots of talk, lots of music and lots of fun.

CAPS Media is the non-profit membership organization that is here to create an engaged and informed community through participation in electronic media. A yearly membership at CAPS is only $25 and includes training, equipment, use of our studio and edit suites. Keep up to date on what’s happening here at CAPS, on the channels and in our community by going to CAPSMedia.org, CAPS-TV Ventura on Facebook and CAPS Media Center on Twitter.

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