Project PrayerSong: Connecting people through the power of Music

by Ana K. Gonzalez

Local musical initiative is launching their national tour right here at Bell Arts Factory on April 29th. Project PrayerSong is an initiative of Naomi Sioux and J. Scott G. They have set out to create a “world choir” from human beings from all over the world.

This couple is on a mission to spread the healing through the power of music. They believe that through their song and this opportunity they will be offering people a chance to be part of something larger than themselves and a chance to express their story. “The PrayerSong’s intention is to paint a picture of some of the daily hurdles we face as human beings and to unite everyday people.” Scott says.

Don’t be fooled by the name, they are not a religious organization. They believe that regardless of race, religion, nationality, or status quo, music can unite people to create incredible beauty.

The project began on January 22, 2016  and it will be continuously developing throughout their tour as they source the vocals and instruments from all over the globe. So far, “We’ve gotten hundreds of submissions all over, including over 40 states, and 6 countries” Naomi says, “We’ve been absolutely honored to have had such an overwhelmingly positive response to what we initially thought would be a very small one.”

In addition to creating this song, they will be filming the process to create a micro video blog series and a documentary film with Summer Channel. The video blog series will contain not only the production process, the tour experience of Scott and Naomi but also the personal stories of those who have been positively affected by this initiative.

They plan on spreading their U.S. tour over 60 cities. They will be hosting small recording parties with communities, colleges and even private groups. If you wish to schedule one, you should contact them on their site. You can also support them on this journey, by donating on their website.

Through their site you can also check out their progress  and watch  some of the inspiring personal stories from the people who have contributed to the project. The website is

The first draft of their song can be found on YouTube under Project PrayerSong and be sure to subscribe to follow them on their journey.

For more information contact [email protected]

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