Vol. 9, No. 13 – March 30 – April 12, 2016 – CAPS Media

CAPS Media crew covers  the Fair Parade live on channel 6.
CAPS Media crew covers the Fair Parade live on channel 6.

Happy birthday Ventura
By Elizabeth Rodeno

CAPS Media, otherwise known as Community Access Partners of San Buenaventura, has been around since the early 2000s. Initially we had one channel, channel six on your local cable network. Back then we provided live broadcasts of various Ventura city meetings, including the City Council meetings. These broadcasts brought the community closer to city government. CAPS has helped to better develop a relationship between them. CAPS has been supporting the city all these years. We have had the opportunity to share the annual State of the City hosted by the mayor on behalf of the city council with the plan for the subsequent year. Not to mention we participating in non-partisan election coverage and programming to provide the candidates a forum for their views. So during that time we were also proud to be able to broadcast live community events such as the St. Patrick’s Day parade. We have been involved in covering so many community events, there is not enough room here. I’m sure if you ask any organization in the city they will tell you have worked with them in some capacity.

Why go on about this? Because we are deeply involved with the City of Ventura and are so thrilled to able to share in the celebration of the 150th Anniversary with everyone.  Along the way we have developed better ways to reach out and share what the city and community have to say. We are proud to support our members in sharing their stories and supporting their hard work and dedication in the production of their stories. Videography requires hard work yet it also allows creativity and fun.

We have the opportunity to be there, cameras in hand, for many of the150th events, including the launch at the museum back in November. We have been the West Park open house, the groundbreaking of Kellogg Park, the Corporate Games, all City Council meetings and the St. Patrick’s Day parade, featuring five legacy families of Ventura. In addition, CAPS Media launched the Ventura Legacies program where we bring in families with long and interesting histories with the city and learn what the city was like over the decades and centuries. We encourage anyone to contact us to share their stories with the community. Saturday April 2nd is the big birthday celebration and family picnic to be held at Plaza Park. Later that day, the city will host for a concert with longtime Ventura’s Big Bad Voodoo Daddy at Mission park. We will have our truck and crew ready to hear your stories. Please stop by the truck and share your great history of Ventura with us.

Check out our new website and become a member for $25, seriously.  You can sign up and reserve your space in a class, enroll your kids in our Summer programs and get information on and support our new venture, CAPS Radio. CAPS Media is everywhere, on Vimeo, Channels 6 & 15 and live streaming at www.CAPSMedia.org

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