Students from  El Camino High School

By Phil Taggart Ventura County Poet Laureate

Starting this last September, I started working with students from El Camino High School at Ventura College through the CAPS Media program.  The high school students were to produce a news/magazine show.  They were responsible for all the technical aspects and the content.

The attack in Paris followed by the shooting in San Bernardino changed the tenor of the student crew discussions.  The discussions were personal, abstract and not always based in fact.  The extreme national political polarization did enter the discussions but these kids worked for working together.  They didn’t achieve total consensus and there were some very hard moments but when you look at this show you’re looking at a crew of high school students making this work.  And don’t miss Zayan’s editorial at the end, Muslim in America.

This show is on Channel 15


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