Vol. 9, No. 11 – March 2 – March 15, 2016 – Professor Scamp

•  From a previous issue (or two). “A 21 year old girl was killed by a hit and run driver and her white, female Maltese/Poodle mix named “Coco” was with the young girl and took off running.”

My friend Lyn Fairly, from KVTA News Talk Radio 1590am told me “What is so sad Scamp is this young girl was homeless and living with Coco in her boyfriend’s car, he too is homeless. You know about this because you help find homes for dogs and cats.”

The amazing good news is that Coco  was recently found on 7th street all the way in Oxnard!  I want to thank the human for rescuing her after all this time.  She is at the Ventura County Animal Shelter in Camarillo.

Animal ID # A637596.  Only $125.00 to adopt and that includes free vet checkup, spay or neuter, all shots, license and a microchip(I have one of those. I agreed because I thought they said potato chip).

She is an adorable Maltese- mini poodle mix.

•  On Tuesday, March 3 SPAN is sponsoring a $10 low cost spay neuter clinic in partnership with Valley Vet Non-Profit Veterinarians to help reduce pet overpopulation. There is an article (not written by me, I am much too busy) in this issue about SCAN and this event.

•  The Herman Bennett Foundation is a nonprofit organization helping qualified low-income individuals and military with the spay and neuter of their cats and dogs. They cover 100% of the spay/neuter procedure cost. The foundation also provides funding to partnered veterinary clinics for the spay and neuter of feral cats. Spaying and neutering plays a major role in helping control the animal population and preventing the needless death of cats and dogs.

They are having a wonderful fund raiser, a ride on a train and lunch(See ad in this issue). Proceeds go directly to the Herman Bennett Foundation 501(c)(3) to help fund their Spay/Neuter programs across Ventura County. Call  445-7171 to reserve tickets.

Come spend the day on a 1940’s vintage locomotive (reserved train car) as you journey through the countryside with two stops to explore along the way. Depart from Fillmore Western Railway Train Station and head through Santa Paula while enjoying the scenic orchards and hillsides.

Enjoy a delicious full box lunch made fresh by Whole Foods Oxnard (included with each paid ticket).

Visit the Ventura County Agricultural Museum and their incredible collection of vintage tractors (admission and kids craft are included).

Make a special stop at the Loose Caboose gift and garden shop where live birds, fish and turtles can also be found. Win cool prizes for being the first to complete their Train Adventure Scavenger Hunt during your trip.

A fun day for a great cause. Maybe you will see my editor there.

•  By my friend Victoria Usher

The San Francisco Chronicle recently reported that six border collie puppies, all from the same litter, were found abandoned in a Merced trash bin. The six puppies were all taken to the veterinary offices of the San Francisco Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, it was there that veterinarians were able to determine that the puppies were probably around four months old. Krista Maloney, SPCA spokeswoman, explained that a hair salon worker was taking out the trash when she noticed something move inside a different trash bag and when she looked inside she found the six border collie puppies. The veterinarians haven’t completed all of their other medical evaluations yet but they do appear to be healthy. SPCA is asking for any donations in order to help cover vaccines and other expenses. I think I speak for everyone when I say that I’m glad that those pups are safe!

Scamp: How sad, and border collie’s are considered to be the smartest dogs. But, I’m still the cutest.

•  Well, for one more time a Shih Tzu wasn’t selected the best in show but at least we were selected best in the Toy category. Isn’t it nice that we are considered toys ? Toys bring lots of joy to little kids (and big ones).

America’s top dog at the 140th Westminster Kennel Club was CJ, a German shorthaired pointer.

CJ won best in show beating a couple of top favorites at a nearly packed Madison Square Garden who cheered on their favorites.

The 3-year-old CJ beat 2,751 other entries in 199 breeds (there are that many?) and varieties to win the nation’s most prestigious dog competition.

A borzoi called Lucy finished second. CJ also topped a Skye terrier, German shepherd, bulldog, shih tzu and Samoyed.


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