Vol. 9, No. 10 – February 17 – March 2, 2016 – Harbor Patrol Blotter

1-31 10:05am, officers observed severe weather beginning: rain, strong gusty south winds and rough seas. 
  1:07pm, officers received reports of trees down on Spinnaker Drive near the village and a glass door shattered from the strong winds.  The trees were not blocking traffic or a danger to the public.

4:45pm, received several different reports of damage from the wind.  Ventura West marina sustained cleat damage to end tie docks.  Ventura Isle marina sustained dock damage as well.  

2-1 11:30am, received a report of a light pole downed on Spinnaker.  It was probably compromised in the wind storm.  SEC was contacted and responded to investigate the report.
2-3 4:13am, received a dispatch to a medical at Ventura marina mobile home park.  The unconscious patient was assisted by patrol, Ventura fire and AMR.

10:56pm, received a report of a missing diver near Harbor breakwall from U.S. coast guard.  Officers responded in the fireboat and the missing diver contacted via landline and advised he was ok but lost his kayak.  Officers were able to find the kayak outside the breakwall and return it to the owner.

2-4 7:00am, Officers escorted Manson construction company towing the Freya Crane and dredge pipe into the Harbor to clear the closed harbor entrance.
2-5 5:30pm, received a report of a diesel spill near VHV D-dock.  Officers investigated but were unable to locate a source for the small spill.
2-6 7:30am, officers escorted the Manson Dredge, H.R. Morris into the harbor for yearly dredging and to clear the closed entrance of shoaling.

6:50pm, officers assisted Ventura fire and AMR with a seizure patient near Milano’s restaurant.  The patient was transported to local hospital.

2-7 11:25am, officers conducting traffic control at the Harbor entrance for multiple Manson dredge vessel’s and equipment.

12:43pm, received a dispatch to a fall patient near the Hat shop in the village.  Officers responded and assisted City fire and AMR.  A 76 year old female fainted and fell.  She was released at the scene.

9:05pm, received a report of flare sighting near Surfers Knoll.  Officers responded by truck and vessel and determined that someone was lighting fireworks near the Santa Clara River mouth.


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