Suicide averted on Seaward Bridge

On Feb.3, at 10:50pm, the Ventura Police Department Command Center received a 911 call from a citizen reporting a subject standing on Seaward Bridge over the 101 freeway.  Officers arrived on scene and confirmed a male subject was standing on the ledge of the bridge, and he was threatening to jump.

The Ventura City Fire Department, AMR, and a response team from the Ventura County Crisis Unit all arrived on scene to assist with this incident.  The CHP assisted with the freeway closure and diverting traffic onto surface streets.

Police and Fire personnel worked in conjunction with the Crisis Team to calmly resolve the situation peacefully.  Eventually, they were able to convince the subject to come off the ledge and return to safety after four hours of negotiating.  The subject was unharmed as a result of this incident, and was taken into custody for his own safety.  He was transported by AMR to VCMC for an assessment.

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