Vol. 9, No. 9 – February 3 – February 16, 2016 – Harbor Patrol Blotter

1-17 5:18pm, officers escorted the fishing vessel “SeaHawk” into the harbor.  Significant shoaling at the entrance and large Northwest swells have combined to create a precarious navigation problem at the Harbor Entrance.
1-18 1:11pm, received a dispatch to a 48 year old man down at Harbor Blvd and Beachmont.  Officers responded and assisted with medical treatment.

3:05pm, officers were assisting a 75ft fishing vessel navigate the shoals in the Harbor entrance.  The vessel failed to follow instructions and went aground.  The fishing vessel was eventually able to get off the shoal unassisted.

4:00pm – 4:00am, officers monitored and escorted inbound and outbound vessels due to extremely hazardous conditions at the Harbor entrance due to shoaling and large waves.

1-19 7:00am-4:00pm, officers begin escorting multiple vessels through the narrow entrance channel.  All inbound and outbound vessels are required escort from Harbor Patrol due to the shoaling and large swells.

12:26pm, received a dispatch to a fall victim at the marina mobile home park.  Officers responded and assisted a female who fell.  The patient was lifted from the ground and sustained no injuries from the fall.

1:09pm, received a report of a capsized vessel in the shoaling area of the entrance, all three persons on board are in the water.  Officers responded, pulled the victims out of the water, righted the vessel and towed it to its slip.  The vessel was a tender for the Hawaiian Chieftain, a tall ship in the Harbor.

5:25pm, received a dispatch to a water rescue near the Ventura pier.  Officers responded to a surfer in distress, who was located safely on the beach.

1-20 4am-4am, officer’s escorted approximately 20 vessels in and out of the Harbor due to extremely hazardous conditions.
1-21 4am-4am, officers escorted vessels in and out of the Harbor, dangerous shoals.

12:00pm, U.S. coast guard placing shoal, #5 Aton buoys in the harbor entrance due to the extreme shoaling and narrow channel.  Also placing lights on the temporary buoys to aid in navigation.  

1-22 11:05am, observed the #5 Aton buoy set by the coast guard yesterday washed into South beach due to very large surf and strong currents in the Harbor Entrance. Officers retrieved it, towed it up the beach and out of harm’s way.

12:30pm, officers beginning a series of dangerous escorts through the Harbor entrance.  The waves have picked up significantly throughout the day and the entrance is nearly impassable.

6:45pm, U.S. coast guard Captain of the Port, per request of the Ventura Harbor Master closed the Ventura Harbor entrance for Hazardous conditions.

11:27pm, received a report of multiple flares spotted off Ventura Harbor.  After a brief investigation, it was determined to be several Chinese lanterns.

 1-23 9:25pm, received a dispatch to an unconscious person at the Comedy Club.  Officers responded and assisted a 72 year old female who was transported to local hospital for further evaluation.


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