Vol. 9, No. 9 – February 3 – February 16, 2016 – Answer In A Breeze

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answer in a breeze insertQ.   What is proposed on the triangle lot where the closed Joes Crabshack is located ?
Walt Mattace

A.   The proposed project, at 567 Sanjon (or is it San Jon?)  is a 231-unit multi-family residential apartment project and the demolition of a 7,000 square foot restaurant building on approximately 11 acres. The project includes 137 one-bedroom units, 91 two-bedroom units, and 3 three-bedroom units.

answer in a breezeAdditionally, the project includes a new bluff-top public promenade with overlook areas fronting onto Hwy 101 Freeway. Additionally, a 20,000 square foot publicly accessible park space is proposed to be developed at the western edge of the project site adjacent to the southern terminus of Ash Street. The project proposes one new street designed as a two lane collector (it will be called Vista Del Mar)with public parking available on both sides of the street. Sidewalks are located on both sides of the street for pedestrian access.

The proposed project was reviewed by the Design Review Committee on Jan.20. The Committee had several concerns about the project as submitted including the possibility of incorporating the shuttered Crabshack into the plans. The project will be going back to the Committee after their concerns have been considered. It will still be several years away from development while securing the many approvals required.

If you want more information regarding this the city planner handling the project is Jared Rosengren, AICP at 658-4737.


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