Vol. 9, No. 8 – January 20 – February 2, 2016 – Harbor Patrol Blotter

  1-03 7:25pm, received a report from the National Weather Service issuing a High Surf Advisory forecast for Thursday.   
  1-05  9:35am, received a dispatch to a medical alarm in the marina mobile home park.  Officers were cancelled in route to the call.

1:30pm, received a request for assistance from Ventura PD.  Officers assisted with securing a scene in the keys.

  1-06 9:40am, received a report of a large vessel in danger of going adrift in the keys.  Officers responded and towed the vessel back to its dock in the keys.  Most of the dock cleats were pulled out by the large vessel in a sudden wind storm.  The lines had to be secured to the dock pilings.

9:55am, while securing the large vessel in the keys, observed a massive amount of flood water and debris flowing out of the Arundel Baranca in the keys.  Officers had to wait half an hour for the water to slacken before they could navigate through the muddy water and debris.

2:55pm, received a dispatch to an ill person at the marina mobile home park.  Officers responded and assisted Ventura fire and AMR with an 86 year old female with severe flu symptoms.  She was transported to local hospital.     

  1-08 7:00am, received a dispatch to a hazardous condition, steam coming from a manhole at the intersection of Harbor and Olivas Drive.  Officers responded along with Ventura fire and it was determined no emegency and due to the cool air temperature.
  1-09 1:10pm, while on patrol, officers sounded the Arundel Baranca and discovered significant shoaling from the recent storm, 6ft in the center of the channel.

10:30pm, received a report of curious circumstance.  Officers responded and discovered what appeared to be a bicycle accident with various personal items left behind at the accident scene.  It is under investigation.

  1-10 10:20pm, received a dispatch with multiple agencies to a water rescue of a grounded vessel on the beach at Woodstock lane Pierpont.  Officers responded in the fireboat and assisted Ventura fire with the call.  Three fishermen were rescued from a 73ft fishing in heavy surf.  The vessel remains on the beach and multiple agencies are taking fuel and other hazardous materials off the vessel.  The disposition of the vessel is still under consideration.


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