Vol. 9, No. 8 – January 20 – February 2, 2016 – CAPS Chat

stuff CAPSCrooked Eye Tommy appearing on Ventura Rocks at CAPS.

Your Media Center
By Elizabeth Rodeno

CAPS Media Center has a dedicated staff, Board, volunteers and members. This is something most non-profit organizations would love to have. This year we have committed to sharing our knowledge and experience with the community. The projects in the pipeline are many and varied. Our team of media makers is strong. The volunteers committed. Ventura and its people, places and history are our palette.  Channel 6, 15 and the web are our venues.

Our part-time staff is a great bunch – skilled film makers who happen to have degrees from Oxnard and Brooks. Jamie and Aaron are out filming and editing projects they’d like to call their own. Aaron is having fun using his creativity to share stories about kids and programs in Ventura. Jamie is making Ventura Rocks come together and pulling together the legacies of Ventura. We have film and animation fan Manny who started as a volunteer and is now supporting CAPS and is out filming projects and events.  Our rock musician programmer, Kristina, works the mixing board at our Ventura Rocks productions as well as getting your shows on the air.  Phil, producer, poet laureate and teacher, has put together a terrific training program for young producers and continues to work on the multi-cam productions with Evan.

The edit bays are buzzing and the cameras are getting a workout these days. Our members are in the studio producing talk shows and stand-ups. The cameras go out all week and every week. They are used to capture stories, events, church services and more. These producers are always looking for volunteers for their shows.  If you’re interested in learning how to make video, stop by for more information, join and take the free training classes to get you ready to go.

Ventura Rocks @ CAPS is now on Episode 3. We invited Medicine Hat and Crooked Eye Tommy in and have 50 Sticks of Dynamite ready to go. A big thanks goes out to Ventura Breeze music writer Pam Baumgardner and her beloved music scene.

We will be launching the new and improved CAPS Media website featuring online class registrations, video links to shows and a new streaming feature!!! You’ll hear from us as we will need your support to help make CAPS Radio a reality. Stop by CAPS Media at 65 Day Road or call us at 658-0500.


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