Ventura College Foundation to award scholarships

Students who receive financial support from VCF tend to have higher completion rates.

With its scholarship application deadline on Jan. 24, the Ventura College Foundation (VCF) is welcoming a final flood of applications from Ventura College students who have completed at least 12 units. Foundation officials expect to award more than $400,000 to some 280 students this Spring, for an average award of $2,000 per student.

“Nearly all of these scholarships are awarded based on the donors’ wishes, in honor of or in memory of a loved one. It’s a living legacy, to have an impact on a student and that student’s family,” said Norbert Tan, executive director of the Ventura College Foundation.

Nearly half of scholarship applicants will receive some funds. Most awards are based on a combination of need and achievement with criteria designated by the donors, such as students’ area of study.

Students who receive financial support from the Ventura College Foundation tend to have higher completion rates than students who don’t, according to foundation statistics. Many scholarship recipients graduate to enter a career that allows them to support a family, and many students graduate from Ventura College to pursue a four-year degree.

“Many students come to us wanting to get a college education but have to overcome the hurdle of cost. The Foundation helps with student success, enabling scholarship recipients to focus on their studies to achieve their career goals,” said Tan.

For more information on scholarships or to download an application, visit Students with questions should contact the foundation at 289-6491 or email [email protected].

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