Join the Movement! Become a Penny Free Business

The Ventura Breeze has always advocated for the elimination of pennies from our currency.

Most people dislike them and feel they don’t add real value for anybody. It is really ridiculous that the government still produces them. Kids don’t even save them anymore – they’re looking for larger denominations these days.

Recently  two businesses (in Orange County) have stopped using pennies by rounding amounts up or down. The businesses and their customers love not dealing with pennies.

In order to promote this idea (and bring Ventura some publicity), the Breeze is starting a movement to make Ventura’s businesses “penny free merchants” (PFM) and Ventura a “penny free Ventura” (PFV).

Any Ventura business that stops using pennies (by rounding up or down) can have a free 1/16 page ad in the Breeze (value $85.00)

Simply stop accepting pennies (we will send a spy in to make sure) and email your ad to [email protected]. We will place your ad in one issue of the paper and on our website for one month.

Here’s how you would round up or down:

.91 = .90
.92 = .90
.93 = .95
.94 = .95

We look forward to receiving your ads. To see more about ad production requirements, visit

Ventura: setting standards for the world.




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